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As some Vietnam tour operators reviews, if you desire to have a perfect holiday in Vietnam, there is no choice more suitable than traveling in autumn.

As many Vietnam tour operators reviews, autumn is estimated to be the best time for the most enjoyable trips. At that time, the weather is not as hot as it is in summer, but not as cold as winter. People will feel a totally refresh and comfortable atmosphere if they have the opportunities to pay a visit to Vietnam. If you have any intention to spend your holiday in the S-shaped country, you can take into consideration the following recommendations.

1.    Hanoi


Many local Vietnam tour companies judge that Hanoi is always the ideal and must-go destination you cannot miss out whenever you step your foot into Vietnam. Whereas many foreign tourists, at the thought of Hanoi, will think immediately of an image with noisy and crowded corners of the city. However, your mind will be changed after your travel to Hanoi in autumn. You will see another different shade of the Vietnam capital, the delightfully peaceful city, which you can see only in autumn

When the fall comes, going for a walk on some streets such as Ba Trieu, Quang Trung, Nguyen Tri Phuong, etc, you can feel the fragrance of devil tree flowers. One of the favorite Hanoians’ habits is wandering around the Hoan Kiem Lake and enjoy the tranquil air and the attractive perfume of this unique Hanoi flowers. This is the source of inspiration for a countless number of songs and poems written by Vietnamese artists. This space and landscape is also the proudness and nostalgia of expatriates whenever they give thought to their hometown.

If there is a local specialty making an impression in each people’ mind, it is Cốm (young rice). It is the best-loved snacks of Hanoi people in each autumn and also the quintessence of provincial cuisine.

2.    Sapa

It doesn’t take too much from tourists’ time to travel to Sapa. In the fall, you can contemplate the yellow ripen paddy field and take an album full to the brim with unique natural photos. I’m sure that the moments standing amidst the mountainous area and exhale the fresh air in your lung will become the unforgettable memory of your Vietnam tours. This is the precious seconds you feel be closer and immerse yourself in Sapa nature.

The Sapa Market is the most important thing you cannot ignore when you come here. You can enjoy a lot of local specialties such as thang co, xien nuong or ruou can while sightseeing the mist landscape like in the paradise. Don’t forget to buy some brocade items as the lovely gifts for your family and your friends.

Devil tree flower is the one and only beauty in Hanoi

3.    Ha Giang

With some best Vietnam tour operators, Ha Giang seems to be on their must-visit spot in autumn. It is the time when they can take a good look at the immense breath-taking colorful blossom flower field. There are two blossom seasons, however, the October one is more beautiful and also given more attention by many travelers.

Moreover, as some Vietnam tour operators reviews, it is not too far to travel from Hanoi to Ha Giang. So you even can travel by motorbike to enjoy the natural masterpiece in the province in the most perfect way. You can ask the help from a local guide or find somewhere to hire one on your own because the price is quite reasonable, from VND 200.000 to VND 300.000 per day.

That’s a reason why you should choose the most suitable method for you to travel and have the best experiences with your partners.

4.    Dalat

It is considered to be the most romantic cities in Vietnam. When paying a call on the province, you will have a chance to view the perfect combination of classic and modern style in the architecture of the buildings. Then, the weather in autumn is also a major factor that makes guests fall in love with the land at the first sight. The fresh and cool atmosphere is the specialty of Dalat at the end of autumn. Moreover, you can join in many interesting activities to experience a unique culture here. Although good Vietnam tour companies will give you some recommendations about destinations, some tourist spots you have to memorize are Love valley, Bao Dai Cathedral, and Truc Lam Temple. Dalat delicious dish and the handmade items are also the lovely things people always want to try and bring back home when they catch sight of them.

The immense flower field in autumn

5.    Mekong Delta

There is no choice more perfect than visiting the Mekong Delta in autumn because you can feel free to enjoy fresh fruits. Especially, visitors can enter the local orchard to gather a lot of kinds of fruits such as coconut, orange, mandarin, watermelon, etc.

As you visit the Mekong Delta, you must join in floating market which is even considered to be the provincial “specialty” here. Some famous name you may hear are Cai Rang, Phong Dien, Cai Be. The busy life on these boats full of local products creates the unique beauty of people in the area and makes a strong impression with travelers.

At night, don’t miss the opportunities to sit down on the floating boats and listen to the folk song of locals. You will fall in love with the land right when you hear the attractive sounds.

Autumn is chosen as the most romantic season as well as the most ideal time to travel during a year. In particular, as some Vietnam tour operators reviews, this period in Vietnam is extremely suitable with those who want to travel with family or friends. Not only the Vietnam nature scenery is wonderful as usual but also there are many interesting activities for tourists can experience. Besides, they can enjoy a lot of specialties with the distinctive flavor. So, there is no reason why you don’t take consider about booking a tour for your family this autumn.


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