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6E to operate 24 non-stop daily flights

Introductory fares of Rs 999, while bookings opens midnight October 16, 2017

Continuing its efforts towards serving nation with a stronger network.
IndiGo, India’s largest and fastest growing carrier, recently announced its foray into regional markets. The airline will begin ATR operations with flights between cities on its existing network of Hyderabad,Chennai, Bengaluru, Mangalore, Madurai and Nagpur and two new Tier-II cities of Tirupati and Rajahmundry. With an aim to enhance connectivity to these cities, the airline will deploy its ATR fleet of ATR 72-600 aircraft in a phased manner.
IndiGo has also launched introductory fares starting Rs 999 on these new routes, while bookings will open from midnight tonight. First ATR flight will commence from Hyderabad, starting December 21st,2017.

Image result for aditya ghosh indigoMr. Adiya Gosh (left) and Mr. Sanjay Kumar

With the introduction of these flights, IndiGo has taken another step towards providing on-time and hassle-free travel experience to the passengers of Tier-II & Tier-III cities as well. IndiGo is also
introducing new ATR flights on its existing network which includes Chennai – Mangalore – Chennai, Hyderabad – Mangalore – Hyderabad and Hyderabad – Nagpur – Hyderabad. These new routes will further consolidate IndiGo’s position as the fastest growing airline in India.
Announcing the opening of the sale of tickets for the first ATR flights in the history of IndiGo’s journey, Mr. Aditya Ghosh, President and Whole Time Director, IndiGo said, “It is indeed a proud moment for all of us who have been working relentlessly to bring our dream of regional flying to reality. We at IndiGo
are bringing people and places closer. We have set off on a journey into the heartland and make these connections deeper. These flights will open up a whole new market, improving the choices of air travel to millions of our fellow citizens.”

New flight schedules are:

Flight Number / Origin / Destination / Dep.Time / Arr.Time
6E 7101 Hyderabad Mangalore 6:40 8:40
6E 7102 Mangalore Hyderabad 13:50 15:40
6E 7101 Mangalore Chennai 9:05 11:05
6E 7102 Chennai Mangalore 11:35 13:30
6E 7103 Hyderabad Nagpur 16:15 18:10
6E 7104 Nagpur Hyderabad 18:30 20:25
6E 7105 Hyderabad Tirupati 6:25 7:50
6E 7108 Tirupati Hyderabad 10:55 12:05
6E 7112 Hyderabad Tirupati 12:40 14:05
6E 7116 Hyderabad Tirupati 19:25 20:50
6E 7115 Tirupati Hyderabad 17:35 18:50
6E 7117 Tirupati Hyderabad 21:10 22:35
6E 7106 Tirupati Bangalore 8:10 9:15
6E 7107 Bangalore Tirupati 9:40 10:35
6E 7113 Tirupati Bangalore 14:25 15:30
6E 7114 Bangalore Tirupati 15:50 16:50
6E 7113 Tirupati Bangalore 14:45 15:50
6E 7114 Bangalore Tirupati 16:20 17:15
6E 7118 Hyderabad Rajahmundry 7:05 8:20
6E 7122 Rajahmundry Hyderabad 12:50 14:05
6E 7123 Hyderabad Rajahmundry 14:35 15:50
6E 7126 Rajahmundry Hyderabad 20:10 21:25
6E 7119 Rajahmundry Bangalore 8:40 10:25
6E 7121 Bangalore Rajahmundry 10:45 12:30
6E 7124 Rajahmundry Chennai 16:10 17:35
6E 7125 Chennai Rajahmundry 17:55 19:40


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